2008 Awards

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More extensive background essays on the awardees can be found in the 2008 VWOA Yearbook.

Frederick H. "Fritz" Raab, W1FR,   received the DeForest Audion Gold Medal "honoring his technical achievements in thirty five years of radio engineering."

He is Chief Engineer and Owner of Green Mountain Radio Research, a consulting firm which he founded in 1980. He received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Iowa State University.  Dr. Raab is coauthor of Solid State Radio Engineering and over a hundred technical papers and has been issued twelve patents.


Fritz Raab
John Curtiss


John Curtiss, K6KU, received the Marconi Memorial Award Plaque.  The inscription reads:  "Veteran Wireless Operator Association honors John Curtis, K6KU, a soft-spoken man who worked very diligently over his lifetime of perfecting electronic circuits to generate Morse Code as exemplified by the development of the Curtiss Keyers.  This award recognizes his individual efforts and that he also stands out as an outstanding example of all people in our midst who have greatly helped us who have practiced the radio art and made a livelihood operating radio and wireless on a daily basis.