2009 Awards

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More extensive background essays on the awardees can be found in the 2009 VWOA Yearbook.

Eugene Kauder, W4PRS, received the Marconi Memorial Medal of Achievement  inscribed:


Eugene B. Kauder

For his 56 years as an Radio Officer

and operating all modes of wireless

from CW to Satellite as an RO

by the

Veteran Wireless Operators


June  7,  2009



Eugene Kauder
Robert L. Shrader


Robert L. Shrader, W6BNB, received the Marconi Memorial Award Plaque in abstention

with the following inscription:


Veteran Wireless Operators Association


 Robert L. Shrader W6BNB


Who throughout his lifetime has distinguished himself in educating and informing the public about the history and practice of radiotelegraphy during times of

 War and Peace.

A Radio Officer, Educator and famous Author of books dealing with electronic circuits and electrical techniques.

Rear Admiral J. Robert Lunney,  received the Marconi Memorial Historic Preservation Award Plaque inscribed:

Veteran Wireless Operators



Rear Admiral J. Robert Lunney

NY Naval Militia (Ret.)


For his persevering efforts in keeping before the public the story of the

SS Meredith Victory,

a Gallant Ship, which performed the greatest rescue operation by a single ship in evacuating14,000 refugees from Hungnam, North Korea

in December 1950 as one of the last ships to leave the shell-torn harbor of Hungnam.


Presented June 7, 2009


Admiral J. Robert Lunney