Scrapbook Stamps

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Postage Stamps

Many nations have issued postage stamps honoring members of the VWOA and featuring themes of interest to VWOA members.

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Canadian Stamp: Battle of the Atlantic Canadian stamp from 2005 Honoring the Battle of the Atlantic.
American stamp from 1946 honoring the Merchant Marine 1940's US Merchant Marine stamp
Pair of British stamps from 1995 honoring Marconi British Marconi Stamps
Canadian Stamp Honoring Marconi Canadian stamp from 2003 honoring Marconi
US stamp from 1960 honoring Echo I, the world's first communication satellite.
Part of the series of stamps highlighting events and trends of the 1920's.  The VWOA, of course, was founded in the 1920's, very much a part of the radio boom. 
1983 US Stamp honoring American inventors including Charles Steinmetz, Edwin Armstrong, Philo T. Farnsworth, and Nikola Tesla
America has never honored Marconi on a postage stamp, but it has showcased his actual invention in this 1973 stamp part of the "Progress in Electronics" series.
1965 US stamp honoring the centenary of the International Telecommunications Union
DeForest's Audion was also part of the 1973 "Progress in Electronics" series
1958 US stamp honoring the centennial of the Atlantic Cable. 
1967 US stamp honoring the 25th anniversary of the Voice of America
US Stamp Honoring Herbert Hoover US stamp honoring Herbert Hoover, President of the United States and Honorary President of the VWOA