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If you are interested in donating or bequeathing your historical equipment and artifacts to the Veteran Wireless Operators Association, please read the information at Preserving Our History.

Titanic memorial postcard This is an actual souvenir postcard issued shortly after the Titanic disaster, with "sparks" Jack Phillips singled out as a hero.  Above his photo (right hand oval) is the tiny caption that reads "CQD".
Army Signal Corps photo from 1942 shows the truck-mounted mobile radio set SCR-299, somewhere on a training mission in Louisiana.  The radio was just one of many different models manufactured by VWOA stalwart Bill Halligan, W9AC.


Signal Corps truck
Marconi and the Elettra From a1937 commemorative post card showing Marconi and his yacht the Elletra.
Paul Forman Godley announcing the first successful trans-atlantic transmission using the "useless" shortwaves!  Twenty years later the VWOA awarded him a Marconi Medal for this pioneering achievement.


Godley announces the news!
Henry Paulisen using direction finding equipment


"Mr. New York Radio", Henry Paulisen using radio direction-finding equipment in the early 1950's (judging from the aircraft). Henry won both the Marconi Gold Medal as well as the David Kintzer Memorial Award as well as dozens of awards from other organizations for his many years of work as FCC Engineer-in-Charge in New York City.
WUG2 Radio Room


Three photos of WUG2, West Memphis, Arkansas in the late 1920's. The photos are courtesy of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)  Memphis office.  Many more wonderful photos and the entire story of inland marine radio can be found at the Inland Marine Radio Archive site listed on our links page or by clicking here IMRHA..


WUG2 Radio Room
WUG2 Radio Room