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Pictures of familar faces
from the VWOA Scrapbook

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K7UGA in his ham shack The late Barry Goldwater at the microphone of his ham shack in Arizona.   Barry held amateur call signs K7UGA and K3UIG as well as Military Affiliated Radio Station call sign AFC6BG.
"The Singing Sparks" -- VWOA members clowning around.  Several of the early VWOA yearbooks contain song lyrics that were parodies of popular songs . . . along with references to bawdier versions that were not published.   Singer with the pipe was Gilson Willets, first President of the VWOA. The Singing Sparks
Dick Nebel in his lab The late Dick Nebel (W2DBQ) in his home laboratory.  Dick, crippled by polio since childhood, was awarded a VWOA scholarship in 1942 to learn electronics by correspondence course.  As a result, Dick started a cottage industry grinding radio crystals, which he ran successfully for nearly fifty years.  Dick was also a perfect gentleman on-the-air, setting an example to hundreds of young hams on the newly-allocated 2-meter Novice band.
Frank Orth in radio shack Frank Orth, one of the founders of the VWOA.  At left, aboard a 1920's steamship.  At right is his original license. Orth original license
Miles MacMahon, Vice-President of the VWOA shown in the radio room of the Ambrose Lightship at South Street Seaport, spring of 2002. Miles MacMahon in Ambrose radio shack
Dr. Lee DeForest and Radio Officers Memorial Dr. Lee DeForest, inventor of the Audion and past Honorary President of the VWOA standing beside the Battery Park Monument listing the names of radio officers who have been lost at sea while performing their duty.