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The VWOA has several standing awards with which it recognizes exemplary achievement. Awards recognize heroism, lifesaving skill, innovation, invention, community service, leadership, and long-time service. The major VWOA awards are:

bulletMarconi Memorial Gold Medal of Service
bulletMarconi Memorial Gold Medal of Achievement
bulletMarconi Memorial Scroll of Honor
bulletMarconi Memorial Award Plaque
bulletMarconi Memorial Service Award Plaque
bulletDeForest Audion Gold Medal Award--Recognizes significant contributions to the world of technology
bulletDeForest Audion Gold Medal of Dedication--Recognizes significant contributions to the VWOA
bulletDavid Kintzer Memorial Award Plaque--Recognizes service to the VWOA. Named in honor of the late David Kintzer, W2FC,  the 21st President of the VWOA.

David Kintzer
David Kintzer

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Marconi Gold Medal Deforest Audion Gold Medal

In addition, the VWOA, also issues two certificates to recognize long-term service to the communication industry:

bulletFifty Year Certificate--Over 100 "veteran communicators" have received this certificate upon submitting proof of having held an FCC Radio Telegraph License continuously for 50 years or more. 
bulletARC or SPARK Certificate--Over 200 individuals (not just VWOA members) have received this certificate for having "operated and maintained arc or spark transmitters while serving as Radio Operators aboard American flag vessels". 

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And on the subject of awards, don't forget to check out the Decorations page showing a few of the decorations awarded to VWOA members for their service in World War II.