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Bernard C. Flatow received the Marconi Gold Medal of Achievement in recognition of his service at sea. Graduated from Gallups Island, he sailed as Chief Radio Officer in U.S. Merchant Marine  in every theater of the war including the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Pacific, and the North Atlantic including the Murmansk convoy route. Bernie joined Western Union and eventually ITT from which he retired as as Corporate Manager of Safety, Fire Prevention, and Environmental Health, after a distinguished career documenting and addressing the dangers of microwaves, PCB's, VDT radiation and other workplace hazards. Flatow.jpg



Walter J. Kane III received the Marconi Gold Medal of Achievement.  The medal is inscribed:

Presented to
Walter J. Kane III
recognizing his
alertness to
radio signals that
saved a life at sea
may 21, 1999


Miles D. MacMahon received the Marconi Gold Medal of Achievement in recognition of his accomplishments as a professor, university administrator and educational innovator.  Dr. MacMahon, an alumnus of Hoffman Island, served as a radio operator aboard Liberty Ships and troopships in WW2. He was also an Army RADAR instructor before earning a doctorate in Physics from Rutgers and embarking on a distinguished career as a university physics professor at Rutgers and a professor, administrator and innovator at Essex County College.   In an academic career spanning 25 years, Dr. MacMahon introduced many innovative programs to expand life-long learning beyond the classroom. Miles MacMahon


Alan Ehrlich (8223 bytes) Alan M. Ehrlich  received the David Kintzer Memorial Award "in recognizing his outstanding dedication to the Veteran Wireless Operators Association."  Mr. Ehrlich is the current president of the VWOA and has served for many years on the VWOA board of directors.  He holds amateur radio callsign WA2GDQ and is the trustee of the Seaman's Church Institute amateur radio club.  A Navy veteran, Mr. Ehrlich is employed by the New York City Transit Authority.