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Membership in the
Veteran Wireless Operators Association


VWOA membership categories:

bulletVeteran Member
bulletAssociate Member
bulletHonorary Member


Any person who, while holding a first- or second-class Radiotelegraph or Radiotelephone License issued by the Federal Communications Commission or the U.S. Department of Commerce, served as an operator of a radiotelegraph or radiotelephone station including broadcast and television for at least three (3) years qualifies as a MEMBER.  In addition, members of the armed services who served in a similar position but without holding an FCC license (such as Coast Guard operators) are equally eligible for membership.  This class of membership is also open to individuals with similar experience with licenses issued by governments other than the United States.

Veteran Member

Any Wireless (Radio) Operator, REO and MREO who has served in such capacity afloat, ashore or in the air for a period of at least (3) years or two (2) years if such service commenced between December 7, 1941 and August 15, 1945 shall qualify as a VETERAN MEMBER. Government and Military authorized service equally qualifies.

Associate Member

Any person not otherwise eligible to become a member of this Association in accordance with the qualifications heretofore or hereafter stipulated may, at the discretion of the Membership Committee, become an ASSOCIATE member if such membership would be beneficial to the Association.  The VWOA actively encourages interested radio amateurs, historians, scholars, and mariners with a sincere interest in our organization to apply for Associate Membership.  Associate members can participate fully in all VWOA club activities.

Honorary Member

Any person who has contributed signally to the electronics art or its administration, or to the work of the Association, may be elected to HONORARY membership, with all rights and privileges of the Association except the right to hold office, nominate, or vote.


Membership dues in the VWOA are intentionally kept to a nominal level, only $10 for one year or $25 for three years. Life memberships are also available.

How to apply for membership

If you believe you qualify for membership in the VWOA please download our membership application with this link or contact the association's secretary and request a printed application form.

Postal address:

Membership Secretary
Veteran Wireless Operators Association
P.O. Box 1003  Peck Slip
New York, NY 10272-1003

To send email to the MEMBERSHIP secretary, simply click on the key.key2.gif (5828 bytes)